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Pilot Training Regulation of IVAO Switzerland


To offer you the best support possible you need to install team viewer or another screensharing software on your computer. Your trainer needs to be able to follow your actions. And if necessary take over the control to show you how it’s done correctly. And remember that your trainer may not have the same aircraft installed on his simulator which you wish to take. So it would be impossible to explain you anything how it’s done you don’t know the aircraft. Our competent trainer team offers trainings in the three main languages of Switzerland which are French, German and Italian in addition to English.

By applying for the Pilot career or any of the below listed module you automatically agree with the rules listed below. This ensures a smooth process for both parties. Please remember that the trainer staff brings up it’s free time to support you:

  • You appear on time for your training session
  • If not able to participate in a fixed session, you cancel it as soon as possible by writing to your trainer
  • If there is any homework/preparation to be done, you do it properly
  • Before you attend to a training session you make yourself familiar with the aircraft. Or in other words you read the manuals

If you violate any of the above mentioned rules your trainer will issue an admonishment, asking you once again to respect the rules you accepted when applying for the training. A second violation will be avenged immediately and without any further warning with an exclusion of any training program offered for the next 6 months. After this period you can re-apply for a training.


The duration of the career or a module is very individual. Some need to repeat a certain procedure several times before it is understood, others may understand it right away. No matter how long it takes we will support you as long as you need us. And there is no time pressure at all.

What kind of trainings/exams do we offer?

Training Exam

Private Pilot (PP)

Are you completely new to IVAO and want to start your virtual pilot career? Then this course is the right one for you. One of our trainers will take you through your very first flight until you reached your Commercial Pilot (PP) rating. Together you will go through the different kind of flight rules and maneuvers to become a good pilot. It’s our goal that at the end of each training you are well-prepared for your practical exam and that you pass it at the first attempt.

Practical subjects

  • File a flight plan
  • Ground movement
  • Take off technique
  • VFR departure
  • VOR / NDB navigation
  • VFR arrival
  • Traffic pattern
  • Missed approach & touch and go
  • Full stop landing

Theoretical themes

  • Basic of air law
  • Chart reading & VFR procedures
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Flight instruments and aircraft knowledge
  • Phraseology


Please read through the documentation provided by IVAO.AERO to be ready for your first training.

Private Pilot Documentation

Private Pilot (PP)

Required amount of hours

  • As many hours of online time until Switzerland TC/TAC give their OK for the next attempt

Recommended preparation flights

  • 4 flights to/from an aerodrome with prescribed VFR routing or reporting points
  • 4 flights where a VOR is used for navigation
  • 4 flights where a NDB is used for navigation
  • 4 flights with touch and go / traffic pattern training

Approved aircraft

  • Single Engine Piston Aircraft (SEP)

Theoretical knowledge

Your examiner is allowed to ask you specific questions about the aircraft/airspaces/procedures and/or local peculiarities. If you are able to answer these questions this can make the difference between success and failure if you are marginal above or below a score of 75/100.

“Practical” requirements

  • Please check the exam Briefing Guide for details to the practical requirements.


Please read carefully the Exam Briefing Guide