Welcome to the IVAO Switzerland Discord Server. Please read all Rules and Regulations carefully before continuing.

Your Role can be CH member, Guest, or Observer (if you are not active on our IVAO network).
By default, you will also receive the role of Pilot, ATC, and events, to be notified accordingly, but you can remove yourself from any role. (modifié)

By using the IVAO Switzerland Discord server you agree to contribute to a safe and friendly environment.

1) Respect all IVAO Rules & Regulations.
2) Use decency and courtesy in your messages. Only use English language.
3) No discussions of religions or politics.
4) No discrimination of any sort towards any members
5) No harassment of any sort to any member.
6) No trolling, demeaning, slandering or degrading and disrespecting towards any member.
7) No spamming or posting NSFW, uncomfortable or inappropriate content.
8) No loud noise or music streaming
9) No tagging IVAO staff or partner roles without real reason.
10) No posting links to or talking about pirated software.
11) Stay on-topic. Please read channel descriptions. A moderator may redirect a conversation into a different channel if necessary.
12) No leaking announcements before official release or NDA-protected material.
13) No advertisement is allowed unless approved by Staff. Promoting an other network is not allowed.
14) No streaming while being on one other network is allowed.
15) This Discord should not be used as a platform to discuss complaints, suspensions, or other litigation regardless of their justification, thus creating disorder inside our community.
16) If you have any complaint please send us a MP, we will try to find a solution to help you.

Not following these rules can result in a kick, ban and/or network suspension equal to the severity of the transgression and a report will be sent to executives and supervisors on our network