Staff Recruiting Janvier 2024

We are now recruiting for several positions inside the IVAO Switzerland Staff!

  • CH-PRC (Public Relations Coordinator)
  • CH-TA (Division Training Advisor)
  • CH-Tx (Division Trainer)
  • CH-AWM (Assistant Webmaster)
  • CH-SOC (Special Operations Coordinator)
  • CH-AOC (ATC OPS Assistant Coordinator)
  • CH-FOAC (Flight OPS Assistant Coordinator)
  • LSAG-CH (Geneva FIR Chief)
  • LSAZ-CH (Zurich FIR Chief)

General Requirements

For all listed positions, the following requirements apply

  • Good English level (B2 or greater)
  • Available to perform staff tasks on a regular basis
  • Minimum rating AS3 or FS3
  • Minimum 18 years old (16 for some positions)
  • Active member of the Switzerland division for at least 6 months
  • Active on the division’s interaction platforms (Discord)
  • Minimum rating of ADC and PP for the training department
  • Able to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • Able to communicate with other departments and HQ
  • To participate in a staff meeting each month, and an HQ meeting when necessary.
  • Manage project.

Application Process

To apply, send an email introducing yourself, listing your motivations and the staff position you’re interested in to

Don’t hesitate to send your application even if you do not fulfill all the criteria – we will be happy to review it anyway!