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What is Swiss Wings?

Swiss Wings pilots are on a mission! Selected by the IVAO Switzerland Training Department, they provide support during ATC trainings and exams by flying specific programs, including emergencies.

What’s in it for me?

You will be able to submit the legs you fly for training sessions (no matter which kind) for the Pilot Support award. The Swiss Wings pilots’ special role in the Switzerland Division is highlighted on the website, and a Swiss Wings pilot of the month is selected monthly by the IVAO Switzerland trainers.


To become a Swiss Wings pilot, you need to hold a SPP rating or higher. A higher rating grants you priority over the other Swiss Wings pilots for the fun part – emergencies!
CH members and holders of a GCA in CH can apply. For all other cases, the application will be reviewed individually.

Application process

1. Send your application by filling out this form.
2. CH-HQ will check your suspension records and network history.
3. If your application is successful so far, you will be invited to an interview with the Training Department, where we will assess your technical knowledge and your potential to help us during trainings and exams.
4. The Training Department will review your application and give you a definitive answer.

We’re looking forward to your application!

Swiss Wings pilot of the month

Active Pilots